Children's Portraits





    Our children's program is a great way to cherish your children's memories. We have a program for our older children

which is named 'Wee Ones'. There is an initial fee which includes an album cover, 2 album pages, a complimentary sitting,

1- 8 x 10 portrait and 4- 4 x 5 portraits. After the initial fee, the additional sittings have a small sitting fee which includes  

 4- 4 x 5 portraits. With this program, you will also be able to use a special price list.


We have several backgrounds to choose from. There are props for young and older children. Cindy Ellison is the

photographer for the babies and children. She works with each one to make sure she captures the best expression.

Call for an appointment to discuss your child's sitting.




Children's Group portraits

Our children's group portraits can be of your children, grandchildren or cousins. When we have several children in the same portrait we always make several of the same pose to make sure all eyes are open and everybody is 'happy'.






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